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There would be no Insomniac without our colorful community of Headliners. Everything we do and strive to be centers on you.

“Being a Headliner means looking at the world a little differently, and seeing beauty and inspiration everywhere you look. It’s about lifting up the people around you and making time for your family and friends. This is a journey we all take together—always connected and committed to one another.”

– Pasquale Rotella

From the stages and sound to the pyrotechnics and costumed performers, there are so many unique elements that go into creating an Insomniac event. But the most important one is you—our Headliners.

We strive to create an environment where you can celebrate life, love, art and music, and be the truest version of yourself. We encourage you to spread good vibes and connect with your fellow Headliners by sharing stories, exchanging hugs, and giving high-fives. Positive energy is the core of our amazing community, and it always comes back to you.

Dance, dream and have the time of your life.

None of this would be possible without you.

Headliners Near and Far

Our Headliner community comes from all over the world, forming a deeper and greater connection through the universal language of music.

Meet a Few of Our Headliners

Every Headliner has their own unique way of expressing themselves. From creating costumes and kandi to cutting shapes on the dancefloor, we love seeing how you make these events your own.


Age: 20
From: Bakersfield, CA

You should never hide your raver side, even at work. Be proud of who you are and what you do, and spread the PLUR! You never know—you might just run into other ravers!


Age: 21
From: Salem, VA

Middlelands was my first big festival, and it changed me. It was literally the best weekend of my life so far. I met so many amazing people and got a feel for how this community really does accept anyone with open arms.


Age: 29
From: San Jose, CA

At EDC Las Vegas, I saw three Japanese girls dressed up as Goku. They seemed so excited to see me, so my rave family and I stopped to mingle with them. I have a feeling EDC Japan’s vibes and PLUR would be amazing.

The Headliner’s Handbook

While each Insomniac event has its own identity, one thing always remains the same—the presence of our Headliners. By staying true to our core beliefs, we hope to inspire and unite our community wherever we are. Whether you’re preparing for your first event or are gearing up for your fiftieth, one thing always remains the same—what it means to be a Headliner. By staying true to our core beliefs, we hope to inspire and unite our community wherever we are.

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